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Leather Serving Tray Old English V2 - Cherry

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Leather Serving Tray Old English V2 - Cherry

This charming leather serving tray is upholstered in genuine Old English V2 Leather and will add a timeless and heritage touch to any sofa or interior. The Leather  serving tray has been hand upholstered in leather and velvet. 

Leather Type: Old English
Old English is an aniline finished leather, tanned to ensure a pleasing distressed or aged finish from new. Extra fat liquors are applied during tanning, to give the leather a slightly waxy feel. These leathers are designed to allow the natural marking variations of the leather to show through to the finish coat. Pull-up leathers do not have a consistent colour density across the whole hide. They are designed to change colour and sheen when pulled or stretched. They are not as colour fast as pigmented hides and are designed to allow furniture to age and relax through use and over time. Furniture should be protected from direct sunlight and not placed next to radiators. Evidence of marks and scarring will be seen through the surface finish. Each hide will be unique, and so will the furniture on which it is used. Therefore swatch samples should be regarded as no more than a guide, for these types of leather.

Available Sizes:

50cm X 50cm

Ask About Bespoke
We can customise this design, including changing the size, shape and fabric used to your requirements. To enquire about a bespoke design: Email or call us on 0330 22 33 800.

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All cushions are made to order.